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Ilha de Santo Aleixo - Porto de Galinhas
Santo Alexis Island

Santo Aleixo Island is located in the Guadalupe Environmental Protection Area, which led to the creation of a task force for its preservation. 

Located in the open sea, about two kilometers east of Barra do Sirinhaém, the island of Santo Aleixo has a shape slightly similar to a horseshoe.


To the west there is a sandy beach, while to the south there is a cove protected by stone cliffs and a beach where a large open pool of calm, warm and transparent greenish waters forms.


Administratively it is part of the municipality of Sirinhaém, although it is privately owned. It is located between Porto de Galinhas and Praia dos Carneiros.

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Once on the island, you can admire the landscape, dive into natural pools with warm blue waters, rest on the sand, hike to the other side of the island and enjoy snacks and drinks from the bars and umbrellas installed in Santo Aleixo.

The island, which has about 30 hectares, is a surface formed on top of volcanic rocks covered by a vegetation of bushes and many coconut trees.

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The island is a private property intended for tourism and is part of the municipality of Sirinhaém.

Access is via the Sirinhaém river and you can take the journey, which takes about 15 minutes, by speedboat or boat.

Santo Aleixo Island is located on the outskirts of Barra do Sirinhaém, south of Porto de Galinhas Pernambuco - PE. 

It will be an unforgettable visit, an enchanting island.


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