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Lagoa Azul - Ilha Grande
blue Lagoon

Lagoa Azul was originally called Praia do Sul de Fora, due to its cinematographic look, the residents of the region started to call it Lagoa Azul, due to the  resemblance to Port Antônio (Jamaica) , where the famous film “The Blue Lagoon” was staged.

The Lagoon is located in the area known as Freguesia de Santana, which comprises the islands of Macaco, Pombas, Redonda, Arpoador Comprida, Aroeira and the extreme north of Ilha Grande.

It was chosen as one of the 7 Wonders of Ilha Grande, placing second. 

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there is a boat-restaurant where you can taste seafood, drinks and drinks or coconut water.


It is right next to the area restricted to bathers. A small speedboat makes deliveries from boat to boat.

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An inexplicable feeling!

Clear water, turquoise blue, with thousands of fish around it, adding to the beauty of this perfect island!

Be sure to breathe the fresh air and feel the positive energy of this paradise!

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