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Praia Preta - Ilha Grande
Black Beach

The black beach is divided into two parts, before and after the ruins of the old prison.


The first   is next to the road that gives access to the beach, where the freshwater lake is located and the end of the beach, the most reserved, with greater shade options.

Black beach with its dark sand  is a point of geological interest in the  Ilha Grande State Park.

a good choice to practice swimming  swimming reading a book, relaxing after lunch, listening to birdsong.

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It is very popular at all times of the year. 


It offers shade under trees and a river flows into it, forming a small lake of fresh and cold water, where you can bathe and swim. 

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  There are the ruins of a huge complex of pavilions that worked from 1886-1913 as a hospital for the quarantine of foreign immigrants called Lazareto, a place that was chosen by Dom Pedro II.

It is currently closed due to the risk of collapse.

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