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Praia de Abraão - Ilha Grande
Abraao beach

Praia do Abraão was widely used to anchor boats of all kinds in the past and continues to do so today, giving more beauty and life to this place.

Her advantage is staying in the village. because the place is very busy. It's worth it for being able to take a dip and cool off as soon as you arrive on the island or after a tour.

Few people usually bathe due to the smell of oil that comes from the vessels there. 

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The village is very charming with a diverse audience, families, couples, backpackers mostly and many foreigners, but with a climate of great harmony, tranquility and wonderful landscapes that pleases most of the population.

It is the reference beach for those who seek to know Ilha Grande.

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Its great advantage  is that it is the commercial center of Ilha Grande, where all the schooner trips leave in the morning.

There, visitors can find many hotels and inns, as well as a small supermarket and means of connecting to the internet,  variedade  gastronomy.

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