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Lagoinha Don Riccardo
Lagoinha Don Riccardo

It is a small lagoon formed between rocks that gives a super pleasant image to the bather, the visitor will be able to enjoy a beautiful landscape of the cape camp in addition to having practically an exclusive place.

There is no strip of sand, structure or anything like that, Lagoinha Don Riccardo is another place to admire for a short time, for beautiful photographs and after enjoying the other wonders that will be waiting for you.

We don't have the image of the lagoon, just the closest place and we selected this image for you:

An easily accessible trail, but it is not interesting to take children or people with disabilities, the sun can be something to bother.


Lagoinha is close to Mirantes Pousadas and Praia Grande.

It is worth remembering about all care for carrying out trails, always be prepared.

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 Learn More  Location:

The trail to Lagoinha Don Riccardo starts in Praia Grande. Arraial do Cabo 28930-000 -  Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

It's worth taking that beautiful picture, enjoying a true wonder.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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