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Praia do Grumari - Rio de Janeiro
Grumari beach

With approximately 2.5 km in length, Praia de Grumari   is part of an environmental reserve, together with Prainha, the north of the beach goes   against the cliffs rocks covered in green.

With a very beautiful scenery, the beach is practically perfect for surfers, rough sea, many seek it because of the strong waves it provides, ideal for such sports.

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It has sand that gives a reddish tone, a beach to relax, take a walk and enjoy such nature, in an urban corner.

The flow of people is better on weekends, be prepared for beautiful scenery and good adventures.

Close by, on the left side, there is a nudist beach called Praia do Abricó, the only nudist beach in the city. 

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Access to Prainha and Grumari is from the neighborhood of Recreio dos Bandeirantes, along Avenida do Estado da Guanabara, which begins where Praia da Macumba meets the Canal do Rio Morto.

Approximately 40 km from the city center.

It is worth taking that day to enjoy the peace that the place provides.

The tour will be memorable.

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