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Praia do Secreto - Rio de Janeiro
Secret Beach

With approximately 12 meters in length, Praia do Secreto has been one of the most sought after for those seeking an alternative program. It is a natural pool surrounded by rocks, away from the buildings and bustle of the city.

The beach does not have a strip of sand. The tidal variation is very small and in certain parts the depth does not cover the foot. In the right corner  is the  deepest part of the beach, you can even dive off the rock.

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There is no signpost, pay attention to the entrance to the very short trail, which opens a path in the middle of the green.


After approximately five minutes of walking.

It is recommended to wear tennis shoes, to get to the beach you have to pass a  rock that is steep and slippery in some places. an average of 15 meters to reach the sea.

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To get to the beach, take Estrada do Pontal towards Prainha. There is no parking close by. It is recommended to take a walk from Macumba or Prainha beach, which have parking.

There are no buses at local  and therefore it can only be accessed by car, motorbike, bicycle or walking to it.

The place to admire, a beauty without equal.

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