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Praia Vermelha - Ilha Grande
Red Beach

With just over 300 inhabitants, a small tourist structure with inns, restaurants, bar and daily transfer from Angra dos Reis, calm green waters and rich marine life, 


Praia Vermelha or Praia Vermelha Farm, as it was formerly known, is a picturesque and charming place in the extreme south of Ilha Grande.

Famous for harboring in its waters one of the most famous shipwrecks on the Big Island - California Shipwreck. The California was a wheeled steamer and was sunk in 1888. The reason for the sinking is not known for sure, but there is a version that it was attacked and set on fire by pirates. 

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Praia Vermelha has this name due to a legend.


The story goes that the Indians, who lived there 550 years ago, made bonfires on the beach and the next day the sand turned red, hence the name Praia Vermelha.


The people who live in this village have taken the test and claim that this is real.

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You can visit Praia Vermelha following the T7 trail (Praia Grande de Araçatiba - Gruta do Acaiá) or by private boat.

Be sure to visit this place so rich in the history of Ilha Grande.

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