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Praia Vermelha - Rio de Janeiro
Red Beach

Praia Vermelha, small in size, is much appreciated for the surrounding landscape, between Morro da Urca and Morro da Babilônia.

It is a very safe place because it is a military area, where the Praia Vermelha Military Circle, the Military Institute of Engineering and also the Army Command and General Staff School are located.


In addition to the beach, it has a wide promenade with benches and gardens where you can sit in the shade of a tree and enjoy the beautiful picture-postcard panorama around you. Paradise location!

The name Praia Vermelha is associated with the sand of the beach. This one turns red at sunset due to the red and pink crystals that reflect its light.

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On the left side is Pista Cláudio Coutinho, a great option for  an ecological walk.


It can  also be able to serve as a walking and jogging track, it has a  beautiful viewpoints that accompany the entire route, surrounded by the sea, by an admirable flora and by Morro da Urca.

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The sand is very soft and reddish in color. the enchantment is due to the surroundings, the Sugar Loaf, Urca and Babilônia hills, the green of its forests, the rocks and shores where the sea waves break forming  espumas white.

Splendid, charming and  relaxing place.

A lost paradise.

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