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T9 - Provetá - Aventureiro - Ilha Grande
T09 Provetá - Adventurer

T9 - Provetá - Aventureiro 3500 m / 3700 m - 2h30 (difficult level - very steep circuit).

This trail is very tiring and high, requiring disposition and physical preparation, but the view that unveils the beaches of South, East and of the Aventureiro Sustainable Development Reserve, it is worth saving energy to complete the tour.

This trail has the wildest natural beauties on the Island. Mountains, viewpoints, beaches with crystalline waters, perfect waves that attract surfers from various tribes and origins, the lying coconut tree greeting those arriving by sea and its hospitable people are tributes that make this beach one of the most sought after places on Ilha Grande._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

To stay in Aventureiro, authorization from FEEMA is required.

On the way you will see wild animals, Praia and Pedra do Demo, Igreja de Santa Cruz and Praia do Aventureiro as attractions. 

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Distance: 7,000m – 7,400m (round trip)
Time: 5h – 6h (round trip)
Level: Heavy
Maximum altitude: 350m

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Always have repellent, sunscreen and money with you.

Do not hike any of the trails alone.

Take a good walk. have a good time!

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