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Trilha Açude do Camorim - Rio de Janeiro
Camorim Dam Trail

Located within the Pedra Branca State Park, the largest urban natural park in the world, the Dam is, even today, the water supply for part of the West Zone.


The trail is completely shaded and the route takes place in the middle of the Atlantic Forest. It does not have very steep sections and is considered a light to moderate level.


It is a trail frequented by people of all ages who are physically fit and have a pioneering spirit, it offers a  wonderful view of the dam. 

The visitor will see an unexplored nature, a fantastic scenery and very close to all civilization.

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It's a very peaceful trail. practically 3.20km of route and 1:40 of duration, you only need to pay attention to the signs, nothing absurd.

Before arriving at the dam, make a small waterfall to cool off.

It is not advisable to swim in the dam, as they are said to have sinkholes and branches at the bottom,   which can be dangerous.

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 Learn More  Location:

Its address is  on Estrada do Camorim, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Access is via the trail that begins at the headquarters of the Pedra Branca State Park in Camorim.

If you want to extend the tour a little longer, visit A Cachoeira do Camorim, it's on the way, you won't regret it.

It is located before the Açude, to the right of the trail, a place that needs no comments, it is worth refreshing yourself in the waters before and after the trail.

Have a good time!

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