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Circuito das Grutas - Rio de Janeiro
Circuit of the Caves

A good choice is to check out the Circuito das Grutas, in the Tijuca National Park. 

One of the circuits most sought after by adventurers from all over the world, it is an excellent experience for those who like to integrate with nature and get to know the park in a very peculiar way. 

The walk is considered light, making it a little difficult when entering the caves, where attention must be redoubled since the rock formations, resulting from landslides, recommend the help of an experienced guide.

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The trail is very well signposted and runs through several caves: Belmiro, Archer, Morcegos (the 2nd largest gneiss cave in Brazil), Gabriela, Paulo and Virgínia.


At the end, it culminates in Vista do Almirante with a beautiful view of Pedra da Gávea, from within the forest.


It is a light path accessible to all audiences

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 Learn More  Location:

The Circuito das Grutas is located at  Parque Nacional da Tijuca – Estrada da Cascatinha, Grajaú, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. 

It is not very difficult, considered light.

Time of approximately 02:00 hours. 

Distance of 4km.


Always be prepared to do a trail no matter how easy it seems.

Have a good time!

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