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Trilha Praia do Bonete - Ilhabela - Brazil
Bonete beach

Bonete beach in Ilhabela is among the most beautiful in Ilhabela, with exclusive and preserved stretches of sand,   approximately 800 meters of shore, with a river on the left side and good waves for surfers.


Praia  is inhabited by the largest caiçara community in the municipality of Ilhabela, which preserves the richness of its traditional culture. blue-tinted seas and nearby trails and waterfalls to explore. 

An amazing beach with a very enchanting beauty.

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Visitors going by car will drive along  asfalto and leave the vehicle at the end of the dirt road where there will be a gate, from there  follow  on foot along the trail of approximately 12 km, time from 3h30 to 5 hours to complete the journey to the beach.

The way to Praia do Bonete will be along a trail that will pass by 3 waterfalls in addition to the lookout from where it is possible to see the beach from the top. 

The recommendation is to start the trail early and take the day off to enjoy the path, don't be in a hurry. 

A beach like this is worth every possible effort.

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 Learn More  Location:

Praia do Bonete  is located near the end of Avenida Governador Mário Covas Júnior, Ilhabela, São Paulo - SP. 

Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

Praia  inviting, a place worth checking out.


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