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Praia de Monte Alto  - Arraial do Cabo
Monte Alto beach

Praia de Monte Alto has two beach options, one is oceanic and   another on the edge of the Ararauama lagoon. It is located in Restinga de Massambaba


Oceanic beach is wide, with cold but transparent waters, with typical sandbank vegetation, characterized by being excellent for line fishing and surfing.


It is excellent for those seeking tranquility. An unforgettable sunset and a huge stretch of sand.

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Monte Alto is close to three cities: Arraial do Cabo, Araruama and Saquarema.


The vegetation near Monte Alto beach has cacti and grasses as its main specimens.

The region is conducive to the formation of salt flats, with several scattered along the highway, which can be easily visited.

super comfortable beach, place to enjoy peace and tranquility.

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Praia de Monte Alto is close to Rua Beira Mar, Arraial do Cabo - Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

Beach to enjoy with the family, have a beautiful day of leisure and admire the beautiful landscape.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.

Enjoy this marvel.


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