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Praia do Farol  - Arraial do Cabo
lighthouse beach

Praia do Farol is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in Brazil. With white sand, crystalline waters and a well-preserved nature, it brings together simply paradisiacal scenarios, one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, accessible only by boat.


The journey takes 40 minutes. It is not allowed to take the trails that lead to the lighthouses without authorization and monitoring by the Navy. To get to know them, it is necessary to make visits coordinated by the Navy. 

There is a centenary tree, dunes, a small barracks, a house for the military, archaeological sites and other important finds.

A totally unique place, full of originality.

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The beach is under environmental protection, reaching Praia do Farol is only possible by boat authorized by the Navy. You cannot go alone,  The island is very close to Pontal do Atalaia beach, 

This visit will be remarkable, a beach that was once considered the second most beautiful in Brazil, a fantastic place full of richness, history in addition to incomparable beauty.

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Praia do Farol  is located in Arraial do Cabo  -  Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

To access the beach you will have to take a boat from Praia dos Anjos, one of the best beaches to enjoy in Arraial do Cabo, a fantastic walk with   breathtaking landscape.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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