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Praia dos Anjos - Arraial do Cabo
Praia dos Anjos

Praia dos Anjos is not the most suitable for swimming, but it is among the most important and busiest in the region, where in 1503 he began the colonization of the region. The Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Church was built there, where the first closed mass in Brazil took place.


The church remains in place until today and shares space with a large number of tourists who go on boat trips, to the Forno trail and to the local bars and restaurants.

Praia dos Anjos is one of the busiest in Arraial do Cabo, where bars and concerts attract a large audience during the summer. 

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It is the place where the boats are anchored, from where they leave to go on trips to the beaches of Arraial do Cabo. 


It is located in Enseada dos Anjos and has an avenue along the beach and several residential and commercial buildings as well as an infrastructure of kiosks and restaurants to serve tourists.

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A Praia dos Anjos  fica na Avenida Luís Corrêa  Arraial do Cabo  -  Rio de Janeiro - RJ .

Beach with diversified leisure options.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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