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Igreja Nossa Senhora dos Remédios - Arraial do Cabo
Church of Our Lady of Remedies

Built in 1506 by the Portuguese, the church is among the first buildings in the country. It is located on an elevation near Praia dos Anjos. The first mass in a closed temple in Brazil took place there. It marks the vicinity where Amerigo Vespucci and his crew were in 1503.


Devotion to Our Lady of Remedies began in Rome, in the Middle Ages. the Hospital Order of the Holy Trinity asked Our Lady for help to bring a remedy for all problems.


According to medieval language, the word remedy has numerous meanings, but all linked to rescuing, redeeming, freeing and saving.

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Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Church has simplicity and beauty that enchant visitors and residents. It is a historic building of Roman Catholic Apostolic belief.

It holds monuments and pieces that recall the colonization of the city of Arraial do Cabo.


The church is close to Praia dos Anjos and Porto do Forno,  without a doubt it will enchant every visitor who passes by.

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The Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Church is located at Rua: Dom Pedro II - Praia dos Anjos, Arraial do Cabo - RJ.

It will be a great visit to a place so rich in history.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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