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Praia Grande - Arraial do Cabo
Big beach

Praia Grande has its own viewpoint in the left corner of the beach.

Praia Grande in Arraial do Cabo has 40 km of fine white sand, dunes, coastal vegetation and transparent sea. Its waters are very cold, 8 degrees at some times of the year due to cold water currents.


The Boa Vista Lookout. It may not be the tallest or most beautiful, but it provides an incredible view of the region where a statue of actress Flávia Alessandra, the muse of the city, stands, the waterfront is named after her.

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Praia Grande becomes the setting for a surf championship.


In the left corner, where it is much busier, there are kiosks and hype, but walking around 800 meters you will already have a quiet place where you can relax and enjoy the sound of the sea.

The sunset by the beach is a good option in addition to having restaurants with good structure on the boardwalk, a place to relax and enjoy what nature offers, a true wealth waiting to be enjoyed.

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Praia Grande is located in Praia Grande. Arraial do Cabo 28930-000 -  Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

Beach to relax, enjoy a true wonder.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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