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Parque das Cachoeiras - Ilhabela
Waterfall Park

Parque das Cachoeiras is a municipal unit of environmental conservation in Ilhabela that occupies about 80 hectares of Atlantic Forest where the wonderful Waterfall of Água Branca is located, with approximately 60 meters of fall.

Bathing is not allowed, but a few meters later, it is possible to take a small trail that gives access to other small falls with bathing pools.

The environment is full of birds and visitors will constantly hear the sound of waterfalls. 

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There is a lookout from where the two waterfalls can be seen and it is behind the old Nautical Museum.


The site has a parking structure and a public restroom, allowing visitors to use the entire structure on their day out.

Perfect waterfall to take great pictures, take your family and interact in the middle of nature.

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 Learn More  Location:

Parque das Cachoeiras is located at  Rua José Bonifácio - SP, 11630-000

Cozy environment, Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

An amazing view of the waterfall, an ecological tour, a place worth checking out.


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