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Mirante do Piúva - Ilhabela
Piúva lookout

The Piúva viewpoint in Ilhabela is located a few minutes by car from the ferry, towards the south of the island, a region where it is possible to take beautiful pictures and enjoy a beautiful sunset, the south coast of the island, and the mainland, where is San Sebastian.

The place has a beautiful view of the entire Canal from where you can   see the ferry coming and going beyond the movement in the Port of São Sebastião.

A space dedicated to observing all the beauty that the region has to offer, a section reserved to go with family, friends or even alone.

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Access to the viewpoint is super simple and done through a paved road, when you arrive there is a setback in the road itself where you can stop the car to enjoy the view of the place.

At some  times the environment may have more or less people besides the fact that in autumn the sunset is practically pink.

A super nice climate that you cannot miss when you are in 
Beautiful island

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 Learn More  Location:

The Mirante do Piúva is located at  Avenida Brasil, 2796-3292 - Piúva, Ilhabela - SP, 11630-000

A place that leaves tourists enchanted, be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

Super charming lookout, a place worth checking out.


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