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Pedra do Sino - Ilhabela
bell stone

Pedra do Sino is located on the beach of Garapocaia  better known as “Praia da Pedra do Sino”, where one of the best known legends of Ilhabela emerged, which justifies its indigenous name.


In the right corner of the beach, there are some stones that, when hammered or hit with other stones, emit a sound similar to a bell.


History tells that they influenced the magnetism of the compasses of ships that sailed through the region in the past.

A legend that makes visitors curious to really hear the sound that the stones can make, makes the place very sought after.

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The legend can be confirmed by tourists who access the stones through a walkway that starts at the corner of the beach.


In addition da Pera do Sino visitor can enjoy a beach com   approximately 400 meters of sand surrounded by  palm trees and coconut trees in a super calm and shallow sea.

It is one of the programs that tourists cannot miss.

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Pedra do Sino   is located at  Avenida Leonardo Reale - SP, 11630-000

Magical, charming place, Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

A different tourist spot, super charming, a place worth checking out.


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