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Piscinas Naturais
Natural pools

The Natural Pools of Pajuçara - Maceió is the most popular destination in the entire region. The setting is the true paradise of so beautiful that the space is graced.

The pools have a super calm sea, very low tide with coral formations where colorful fish and other marine species live peacefully.

They are true natural aquariums, they cause an impact on everyone who visits them due to the clear, clear waters and the structure even though they are a good distance from the shore, as there are  jangadas-restaurants, which offer lobsters, shrimps, fish and typical fruit caipirinhas.

The ride to the pools will be carried out by rafts, which take approximately ten minutes, around 2km between the beach and the reefs. It is worth remembering that the pools will only be possible when the tide is low,



On the high seas, there is also a raft-bar, where tourists can buy snacks and drinks to enjoy the pools even more.


Returning to the seafront, there are many options of bars and restaurants, which offer a varied menu, in addition to many snack stalls. End the day walking along the pleasant urbanized edge of Praia de Pajuçara.

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The Natural Pools of Pajuçara are located on the urban beach of Pajuçara, very close to the center of Maceió.

There is a boarding point where the rafts leave the shore, close to the Handicraft Fair, and take visitors to the high seas on a tour lasting approximately 2 hours, where it is possible to swim and take underwater photos.


It will undoubtedly be one of the best tours you will take throughout the region.

Research the best days to visit the pools, low tide, sunny day and with lots of joy in the air.

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 Learn More  Location:

Pajuçara Natural Pools   are close to  Avenida Doutor Antônio Gouveia,  Pajuçara - Maceió.

Perfect place to enjoy with family, friends and anyone looking to discover the delights of paradise,   enjoy a beautiful landscape, have a beautiful day of leisure very close to everything.

Be sure to enjoy the other options that exist in the vicinity.


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