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Praia de Jacarecica  - Pajuçara

Jacarecica Beach in Pajuçara - Maceió has a virtually untouchable beauty, it is known for being pleasant on sunny days, whether with family or friends.

The beach is a great size  a totally unobstructed view of the horizon, waters that alternate in blue and greenish tones, orange sand that shares with the native vegetation.

The beach has coconut trees and a boardwalk that add that special touch to the beauty of the environment, many visitors take the opportunity to walk, while others enjoy the kiosk to cool off with a cold drink.


Jacarecica has a great energy and will certainly please visitors, as it exudes peace and tranquility to those who seek to be connected with the sea and the elements around them.

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Jacarecica  has a natural beauty that captivates visitors.

The environment has little infrastructure, it is always worth being well prepared so that your tour is the best possible.

The place is perfect to take that day to be in peace, take beautiful photographs and thank you for being in a wonderful place.

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Jacarecica beach is located at Avenida Litorânea,  Pajuçara - Maceió.

Beach to enjoy with family, friends and enjoy a beautiful landscape, have a beautiful day of leisure very close to everything.

Be sure to enjoy the other options that exist in the vicinity.


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