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Praia Brava  - Arraial do Cabo
Praia Brava

Praia Brava is surrounded by huge orange rocks and green vegetation. This combination of elements and colors make it very special.

This is one of the hardest beaches to visit in Arraial do Cabo.


Access is limited to just one trail and the degree of difficulty is high. The ideal thing to go down to the sand strip of Praia Brava is that the weather is stable and without rain, especially since the risk of accidents on the way down is high.


The trail starts at the top of Pontal do Atalaia and it is not advisable to walk it in bad weather.

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Praia Brava has strong waves and is not very suitable for swimming, it is more suitable for   surfers, the beach is   almost deserted.

Best when the tide is low.


Access is via the Atalaia hill, via an easy trail of about 15 minutes, it is approximately 4km from the Centre.

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 Learn More  Location:

Praia Brava is located within the Costa do Sol State Park, Arraial do Cabo Rio de Janeiro RJ.

From the entrance of the park to the beginning of the trail is approximately 2 km.

It will be a day of good walks to enjoy a beautiful beach practically deserted.

Enjoy this wonder, Enjoy!

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