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Praia do Forno - Arraial do Cabo
Praia do Forno

A  Praia do Forno is named after its reddish areas, which are warmed by sea currents that arrive in summer, and also because the rocks around it transmit heat. heat comes from all sides like an oven.

It is precisely one of the most beautiful in Rio de Janeiro, it has different characteristics from the other beaches in the region, having little wind and a calm sea. Praia do Forno is  in a cove, protected from the wind and sea currents.

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Praia  is like a hidden treasure in Rio de Janeiro. because it is accessed via  trail or boat. 

It is a little frequented place, for trail lovers,  a place to explore and be enchanted.


The blue and crystalline waters impress, forming landscapes worthy of cinema.

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Praia do Forno is  Arraial do Cabo  -  Rio de Janeiro - RJ, its access is given by a_cc5-95-94c1 bb3b-136bad5cf58d_trail leaving Praia dos Anjos.

Beach to admire, a true paradise very close to you.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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