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Praia da Fome - Ilhabela
Praia da Fome

Praia da Fome   located in Ilhabela, is named after this region because the story is told that slaves after a long journey  were fed on this beach. it is also famous for being ideal for scuba diving.

The beach is small and reserved, striking for its beautiful cove with calm and clear waters and is only 122 meters long, divided into two stretches by the coastal stones.

Its infrastructure has a kiosk that works during the season and weekends and there are some fishermen's houses.

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This beach is known in the region for an old house inhabited by slaves in colonial Brazil.

It is located between Praia Jabaquara and Praia do Poço,   15 kilometers from Vila, and you can also take a good piece of dirt road.


From there to Praia da Fome you will take a trail of approximately 2 hours where you can find two waterfalls or by sea leaving by boat that will take an average of 30 minutes leaving Perequê.

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Praia  da Fome is located at  Praia da Fome São Paulo, 11630-000 

It has a beauty and history that leave tourists enchanted. Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

Praia  super delicious, a place worth checking out.


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