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Praia das Cabras - Ilhabela
Goat Island

IIlha das Cabras is a beach beach known as Pedras Miúdas beach,  located in Ilhabela, state of São Paulo. 


In front of it is the area called Ecological Sanctuary of Ilha das Cabras, rich in marine fauna, where the statue of the god Neptune is also located, seven meters below sea level.

Usually the baptisms of diving courses for beginners are practiced there, and from where veteran divers leave for their underwater adventures, it becomes ideal for those who are starting to practice, whether surface or deep.

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It is one of the sought after places in the archipelago, you cannot fail to register your presence in this wonderful piece of paradise in Ilhabela!


For those who want to stay between the north and south of Ilhabela, Ilha das Cabras offers a good location. Even without numerous accommodation offers, it is possible to find some options there.

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Ilha das Cabras is located on Avenida Brasil, Ilhabela, São Paulo - SP. 

A great option that Ilhabela can provide you, Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

Praia  super inviting, a place worth checking out.


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