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Praia da Joatinga - Rio de Janeiro
Joatinga beach

Very frequented by famous people who are looking for a more reserved place and by surfers, since the waves have great potential.


The presence of bodyboarders is noteworthy, especially from the middle of the beach to the right end, where   surfers don't usually stay.


For those looking for sun, it is a beach with less potential, since, in the late afternoon, the shadow of the buildings covers the strip of sand.

At the left end of the beach, at Ponta do Marisco, is the Costa Brava private club.

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Access is via Joá road. Enter a gated community on Rua Pascoal Segreto and head to Rua Sargento José da Silva, where you can go down the stairs that lead to the sand.


Despite being inside a condominium, the beach can be accessed by non-residents; it is possible, however, that, as the beach is already full, the entrance is restricted by the complex's security guards.

Beach to relax and enjoy the super differentiated environment.

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Praia da Joatinga is a beach located in the neighborhood of Joá, west of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

It is a small beach, less than 300 m long, which can be walked from one end to the other in less than ten minutes.

It is not accessible on high tide days, as the waves cover the sand strip.

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