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Praia do Diabo - Rio de Janeiro
Devil's Beach

Praia do Diabo can only be enjoyed during low tide. That's when the strip of sand becomes visible and the waves are less dangerous. During high tide, the sea swallows everything and the strong waves hit directly on the rocks.


The beach takes its name because of the violence of the sea. Do not ignore the signs that indicate if the sea bath is inappropriate. Length Approximately 350 m

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A popular spot for locals and tourists alike. When the waves hit hard, it can be frightening, justifying the origin of the name. On other days, it appears to be the complete opposite.

 A beach to fall in love with, recommended for visitors to Rio. 

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Praia do Diabo is located next to Praia do Arpoador, in the neighborhood of Ipanema - To the left of Pedra do Arpoador.

Charming, reserved and super inviting.

The beach is a real retreat  waiting to be admired.

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