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Praia de Fora - Ilha Grande
Praia de Fora

  Because of the restaurant, which is part of the route for boats and speedboats, the beach is one of the most visited in the city Enseada das Estrelas to stop for lunch.

Praia de Fora has a strip of yellowish sand, slightly inclined, with calm and transparent sea.

It is a village of native residents,   walking through the small alley next to the main restaurant you can see children playing, caiçaras sewing hammocks among other things.

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In the corner of the beach, the Perequê River flows, creating a beautiful landscape with stones and a large piece of flat sand.


There is usually a tree with a rope (swing).

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You can reach the beach by  trail or by boat.


It's good to remember that on track, who comes from Abraham, next to  Praia de Fora there is  a Japariz beach.

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