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Praia de Palmas - Ilha Grande
Palmas beach

The beach has many coconut trees, Palmas is a must for anyone leaving the village towards Lopes Mendes beach.

It has some campsites and many boats make the journey Abraão-palmas and conceição-palmas, but small boats. The bar at the beginning of the beach is known for reggae and forró music that goes on until late at night (at least in summer). During New Year's Eve there are usually fireworks and shows.

There is no way to make a withdrawal, the closest place is Abraão and you can go by boat or by trail, passing by some beaches until you arrive at  Vila de Abraão with approximately 45 min round trip, for those who enjoy trails and have average physical conditioning, it's worth it. 

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The beach is a good size and super cozy.


It has  a certain structure, bars available, perfect for those who want to rest, the beach is surrounded by greenery.

Electricity usage is usually from 4 pm to 10 pm.

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Anyone visiting Ilha Grande cannot miss going to Palmas beach, the place is delicious!

Clear waters, empty beach, worth a visit!

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