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Praia de Guaxuma  - Pajuçara
Guaxuma beach

Praia de Guaxuma in Pajuçara  Maceió, Alagoas has in its entirety a vision of peace, paradise and warmth, its waters are clear, crystalline and a little agitated, and its temperature is perfect for a to cool off on sunny days, the sea with blue tones and sand with a light orange tone make this beach unique.


Much of the sand is taken over by native vegetation, kiosks with infrastructure that invite you to relax in peace, the beach is a spectacle.

On the grassy part, some visitors end up using it to relax with family, friends or even reading a good book.


Praia de Guaxuma has excellent infrastructure,  bars and restaurants to meet the needs of everyone looking for days graced by the beautiful space that Pajuçara offers.

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Praia de Guaxuma is very popular in the high season, between November and March, but in other seasons the scenery becomes exclusive, perfect for those looking for a practically exclusive space.

It is possible to find local fishermen nearby during your visit,  just 10 km from the center of Maceió, the tourist cannot miss this opportunity


Reserve a sunny day to visit the beauties of this beach, take great pictures and keep all precautions up to date, your trip will be fantastic.

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 Learn More  Location:

Guaxuma beach is located at Rua da Praia,  Pajuçara - Maceió.

Perfect, beautiful and charming beach, a wonderful environment that you cannot miss, it is worth knowing this delight.

Be sure to appreciate the other options that exist very close.


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