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Praia de Santa Teresa - Ilhabela
Santa Teresa beach

Praia de Santa Tereza has several trees along its length, which can serve as shade for those who want to rest. It is very close to the center,  there are no kiosks on the waterfront, but there are shops nearby.

The beach ends at Morro do Leme, In the neighborhood of Leme there are also other military structures: Forte da Ponta da Vigia, Forte da Ponta do Ring, and Forte Guanabara.

Santa Tereza is approximately 420 meters long and has clear green waters, the beach is perfect to admire the sunset there is a rich seafood in addition to the beach soccer court,  outdoor gym and public parking. 

Beach with a specific touch, great for those who have just arrived at Ilha Bela or to say goodbye in style.

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Praia de Santa Tereza has some boats due to the yacht club and the Associação dos Pescadores Artesanais. is in a very quiet region of Ilhabela,

Praia becomes a great stop to acquire a little more of the local culture, Santa Tereza's landscape also invites you to a moment of reflection.

Perfect beach for an intimate moment with nature.

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Praia  in Santa Tereza is located on Avenida Força Expedicioária Brasileira , Ilhabela, São Paulo - SP. 

One of the best stops for a moment of peace that the beautiful island can provide. Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

Praia  super energized, a place worth checking out.


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