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Praia de Itaguaçu - ilhabela
Itaguacu Beach

Praia de Itaguaçu in Ilhabela has a beautiful and developed shoreline, it is approximately 600 meters long, a strip of white sand and calm sea.

Surrounded by many trees and houses, which goes against a strip of white sand, which meets the calm and inviting sea, bringing that feeling of peace to the visitor.

The beach is suitable for stand up paddle boarders and canoeing.  for those who like it football, volleyball, and outdoor games, while the shore is taken over by joggers and cyclists and people who just want to walk over the beautiful landscape.

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Its name  probably refers to the ancient stone of the lookout in this region or Pico do Baepi, with more than a thousand meters of altitude and access to the trail from there.

Itaguaçu does not usually receive many people on the beach sand for a swim in the sea,  is an unmissable place, whether in the morning for a walk, during the afternoon to enjoy the beach, or at night, at dinner time. 

You  will love visiting this wonder.

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Praia  in Itaguaçu is located on Avenida Almir Tamandaré, Ilhabela, São Paulo - SP. 

One of the most outstanding beauties that Ilhabela can offer you, Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.


Praia  super inviting, a place worth checking out.


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