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Praia do Leme - Rio de Janeiro
Praia do Leme

The name Leme comes from the rock formation that encloses the beach. The boardwalk in Portuguese stone was created by the landscaper Burle Marx, in the 70s, with the typical carioca design of the waves of the sea.

The beach ends at Morro do Leme, In the neighborhood of Leme there are also other military structures: Forte da Ponta da Vigia, Forte da Ponta do Ring, and Forte Guanabara.

the intense urban occupation  is reflected in the quality of the beaches, which is why it is recommended to check the sea conditions on the INEA Instituto Estadual do Meio Ambiente website, which has a complete survey on the situation of the water and sand on the beach.

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Avenida Princesa Isabel, precisely where the statue of the Princess is located, is also  where the neighborhoods of Copacabana and Leme are divided.


Praia do Leme is located in the South Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro, in front of the Leme district.


This beach is the final stretch, on the left, of Copacabana beach and together they form a 4.15km long shore, following Avenida Atlântica to the Fort of Copacabana.

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Some fishermen cast their baits from Mirante do Leme, as the region has sea suitable for fishing.

In addition to providing a view of the entire beach, it has a great kiosk to serve the local public.

Praia que  super inviting, a place worth checking out.

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