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Praia do Julião - Ilhabela
Praia do Julião

Praia do Julião in Ilhabela, also called Prainha, is one of the beaches in the south west  suitable for families with children.


The stones in the middle of the sea of calm and transparent waters are full of colorful fish of different species.  a 5.5 km south of the raft, 12 km south of the village of Ilhabela, one of the very quiet beaches, it has an average length of 250 meters with fine white sand, some stones at the bottom and most of its edge is covered by native trees and houses.


One of these houses houses an old still, which produced one of several brands of local cachaça.

About 300 m from the beach, in the sea, there are two stone islets that are used by seabirds as nesting grounds.


Access is prohibited to prevent the birds from leaving their nests, but it is possible to dive through the surrounding rocks and come into contact with colorful fish.

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Diving is one of Julião's attractions that attracts the most attention, as there are excellent conditions for those who like to practice it.

To get to the beach you have to walk about 300 m from the main road, the entrance to this trail is very discreet.


Another way to get there is by walking from Praia Grande along the rocks that divide the two beaches.

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Praia  do Julião is close to Avenida Riachuelo -  Ilhabela - SP, 11630-000. 

A wonderful place on the beach for a moment of peace that Ilhabela can provide you. Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

Beach for those who like a selected place, which is worth checking out.


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