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Praia de Castelhanos - Ilhabela
Castelhanos beach

Castelhanos beach located in Ilhabela, is approximately 2 km long. Castelhanos is among the most beautiful in São Paulo, with exclusive and preserved stretches of sand, blue seas and several trails and waterfalls to explore if the visitor is interested.

It is the only beach in the vicinity accessible by motorized land vehicles. On site, there are some stalls that serve meals to visitors, running on generators. From the beach, trails lead to other wilder beaches or to waterfalls, which are worth checking out.


As it is located in the eastern part of the island, access to it is quite complicated, being done along a 22 km long trail accessible only by four-wheel drive jeeps. 

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From Castelhanos  access to Praia Mansa, Praia Vermelha and Praia da Figueira, as well as Cachoeira do Gato, 80 meters high and one of the most famous on the island, all accessible by trail. for tourists who take a tour with a closed itinerary, these options will not be possible due to the weather. 

So before leaving, if you want to visit, see the best ways to get to the places you most want to visit.

Castelhanos beach is one of the most loved by adventurers and also by surfers, who find good conditions on the beach to practice the sport.

Without a doubt, a beach that you will remember for a lifetime.

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Castelhanos Beach is located on Avenida Brasil, Ilhabela, São Paulo - SP. 

A great option that Ilhabela can provide you, Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

Praia  super inviting, a place worth checking out.


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