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Praia do Pouso - Ilha Grande
Pouso Beach

  Calm, greenish and transparent sea, calm, shallow and with a lot of green around, which provide us with pleasant shadows. Becoming great for  people of all ages, including children and the elderly, it is suitable for those in search of rest, escaping from the hustle and bustle.

Praia do Pouso is the gateway and obligatory passage for all those who wish to reach Lopes Mendes by trail.


It's small and looks stunning. Despite the large number of tourists that cross it on their way to Lopes Mendes, it is usually quiet and perfect for relaxing.

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In addition to street vendors offering snacks and a cold coconut water stand, at Praia do Pouso there is also a floating restaurant, where you can find drinks, delicious portions and caiçara cuisine.



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You can reach the beach by trail or  boat, round trip.

Pay attention to the time of the last boat, so as not to miss the time and run the risk of returning to the trail.

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