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Praia Engenho d'Água - Ilhabela
Engenho d'Água Beach

Engenho d'Água Beach in Ilhabela is a one of the most frequented by practitioners of all types of yachting, and a sports school has set up a headquarters on the site.

Com  trees on the edge providing shade over the lawn and very calm waters. there are turtles on site and you might see some if you're lucky. 

The beach takes its name from the colonial farm, an important historical heritage of the neighborhood, surrounded by coconut trees and parasols with shades and sculptures that give the place a special touch.

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The beach offers a kiosk, bar and restaurant. bathroom and shower for tourists to obtain a structure that meets their needs.


The beach is also good for families with children, as it is very quiet, and it is possible to see very early, with luck, some sea turtles.

On site, there is a  parking lot that is not very large and some cars will have to park on the curb.


There are ways to get to the beach by bus  which gives another convenience to those who want to have drinks and have comfort and safety when returning.

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Engenho d'Água Beach   is located near Rua Santos Dumond, Ilhabela, São Paulo - SP. 

A place of peace and quiet, be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

Praia  inviting, a place worth checking out.


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