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Praia da Siriúba - Ilhabela
Siriúba beach

Praia da Siriúba enchants with its energy of peace and quiet, it makes its visitors connect with the essence of nature and naturalness.

The beach has a large stretch of sand, its sea is green and calm, super inviting and ideal for families looking for a day of adventure.

Praia has great restaurants, interesting places to enjoy the day without worrying about too many people around you. 

Siriúba has the lightness and charm of a beach to relax, date, enjoy with friends, take a nice walk or to enjoy the day until sunset.

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The beach is easily accessible, only a few coconut trees separate the beach from the road, making it more and more interesting to visit.


In front of the old Siriúba Farm, the beach is home to the Siriúba Chapel which is on the right corner, this chapel was built in 1931, and can be accessed by a trail over the rocks.

In addition to being unusual, the beach has a very interesting history.

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Praia  da Siriúba is located on Avenida Leonardo Reale , Ilhabela, São Paulo - SP. 

Comfort, peace and tranquility that the beautiful island can provide you, Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

Praia  super nice place worth checking out.


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