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Praia do Poço - Ilhabela
Praia do Poço

Praia do Poço is small and beautiful, as there is a waterfall that forms a well as it falls, on one side there is a strip of sand with blue sea, and on the other, stones  of clear water, forming a natural pool., hence its name.

It is approximately  approximately 50 meters long, to the north of Ilhabela and facing the open sea.

Accessed by boat. departing from the Perequê pier. Landing is between shallow rocks, so only on calm sea days or with great care.

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Some adventurers  visit the beach by taking a trail starting at Praia do Jabaquara, passing by Praia da Fome, until they get there.

It has an average duration of 3 hours from the beach of Jabaquara.


This route is very difficult, the forest is very dense and what is necessary is to carry out   route with  an experienced guide. 

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Praia  do Poço is located at Praia do Poco - Poço, Ilhabela - SP, 11630-000. 

A totally enchanting place, beach for a moment of peace that the beautiful island can provide you. Be sure to visit other options that will be available to you.

Beach for those who like a selected place, which is worth checking out.


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