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Praia dos Amores - Rio de Janeiro
Praia dos Amores

Praia dos Amores, one of the least known beaches in Barra da Tijuca

It is located on the breakwater, Barra da tijuca, little known by   residents of Rio de Janeiro. The small beach is on the left, close to the Joá lift.


The water there is almost always shallow, transparent and warm. It is approximately 200 meters long. However, when the sea is very rough and the tide rises, a strip of sand disappears completely.

On days of high tide, the strip of sand disappears completely. making it practically impossible to take advantage of it,

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Some surfers go in search of good waves.

Water activities such as stand up paddle, kayaking and jet ski  are widely practiced on site.

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The beach is about 50 meters long, right next to the Quebra-mar, on the left corner of Barra da Tijuca beach, at the end of Avenida do Pepê.

It's super inviting, a place where you can only feel the positive energy it emanates.

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