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Trilha Mirante Sacopã - Rio de Janeiro
Sacopã Lookout Trail

The tour starts  inside Parque da Catacumba, in Lagoa. there is a trail to the Sacopã and Urubu Viewpoints, which offers a beautiful view of the South Zone.  that attract  adults and children for family fun.


The lookout overlooks the Lagoon. from there it is possible to see Pedra da Gávea, Morro Dois Irmãos, the Jockey Club, Praia do Leblon and Cristo Redentor. 

A tour that features incredible elements so that your fun  is guaranteed. 

 Check out  some  images we selected for you:

Plenty of trees, the sun will hardly bother you and it has a light climb, of short duration, with many sculptures and a beautiful landscaping.

Within the Parque da Catacumba there are other leisure activities, such as tree climbing, climbing and abseiling.

Without a doubt, it will be a tour that will not only be on the trail, the environment offers many leisure options.

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 Learn More  Location:

The Sacopã Viewpoint is located at Avenida Epitácio Pessoa, 3000– Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. 

It has a degree of difficulty, easy

Time approximately 00:40 minutes. 

Distance of 1:50km.


Always be prepared to do a trail no matter how easy it seems.

Have a good time!

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