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Trilha do Perigoso  - Rio de Janeiro
Dangerous Trail

The  legend says that Praia do Perigoso  would have served as an escape route for prisoners from the old Ilha Grande prison, so say residents of the region and for this reason the beach received this name.

Today, she is sought after by   by surfers, families and groups of friends looking for a different tour in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

As the beach is located in an area of environmental preservation, there are no shops or street vendors along its length and visitors should take care to take whatever they want to consume during the visit.

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Looking for alternative means to escape the routine movement and enjoy a peaceful day by the sea, many cariocas are choosing Praia do Perigoso.

During the summer and a few days in spring, with the movement of tourists at full speed, the cariocas who like to enjoy a good day of sun and beach to relax end up finding beaches not explored in the past.

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The beach is a wild refuge located between Grumari and Barra de Guaratiba, which can only be reached by trail or by boat. 

To get to this wonder it is necessary to follow the trail that starts at the end of Praia de Guaratiba, super. close and easy, but keep your full attention as every trail path should be. 

Enjoy, Have fun!

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